Sophie Lanfear

Sophie Lanfear studied Psychology/Zoology BSc at Bristol University before becoming an Emmy award winning wildlife filmmaker. Sophie has worked across a wide variety of wildlife television outputs before deciding to specialize on the Attenborough narrated, landmark series. Sophie produced and directed the “Frozen Worlds” episode of “Our Planet” for which she won an Emmy award. Producing this film was a natural fit for Sophie, who first developed a passion for the Polar Regions when she lived in the Norwegian Arctic growing up. Her fascination and knowledge of Arctic wildlife resulted in her taking on polar shoots when she began working in natural history television and she soon earned a reputation for having the tenacity and resilience it takes to film in some of the most extreme and remote locations in the world. Being given the opportunity to produce a film on the polar regions, with a strong conservation message at its heart, was a dream come true for Sophie. It is one of the most pressing stories of our time, that people understand the value of the polar regions and realize what the consequences of climate change are doing to them.