Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2021

About Foundry

Because of the uncertain spread of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone Foundry 2020 in Kathmandu until the global situation becomes clearer. We have suspended the application process for scholarships and have closed registration for now. We will continue to monitor this health risk closely, and we will reopen registration once we confirm the new date, hopefully later this year. The VII Academy and PhotoWings thank you for your understanding.

Inspiration. Education. Community.

The Workshop


Foundry invites photographers from across the continent of Asia and beyond to the roof of the world for a week of inspiration and education.

The workshop motivates, sharpens photographic skills, develops visual literacy and personal vision, and teaches essential business lessons. As a participant, you’ll become a part of the talented Foundry family, a network that stretches across the globe.

We look forward to continuing the workshop started by Eric and Sharon Beecroft and made possible by all the loyal Foundry volunteers over the years!

Seven days of inspiration.

Each evening students attend presentations from our world-class list of instructors: photojournalists who regularly work with and for National Geographic, The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, Stern, and countless other international publications.

Seven days of education.

With classes for beginners to professional photojournalists, our instructors challenge and teach you how to create visual stories.

Seven days of community.

Foundry is a bonding experience that creates friendships and networks that last a lifetime.

Our teachers.

Our teachers are some of the world’s most influential photographers and visual journalists. They offer perspectives gained from long experience working internationally. John Whitlow Delano, Taslima Akhter and Maika Elan both live and work in Asia. Maggie Steber is flying in from the USA, while Daniel Schwartz and Ziyah Gafic join Foundry from Europe.

8/11/19 Kigali, Rwanda. Students watch and take notes during opening night presentations at Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. © Roger Anis

Apply for a scholarship.

Photographers who are citizens of South and Southeast Asia are welcome to apply for a scholarship to attend Foundry for free.

VII Academy

The strategy of VII Academy is to promote, teach, and foster high-quality international journalism in the majority world and underrepresented communities in G20 countries. We do this by providing tuition-free education to emerging professionals and students from these communities in media practice, visual journalism, narrative, ethics, business, and entrepreneurship, thereby enabling in the long term a culture whereby the information narrative is democratized. As part of its commitments, it sponsors the festival and associated activities.