Kirsten Luce, a Foundry instructor, reviews images from her class in Antigua, Guatemala at Foundry 2014. © Neal Jackson

Want to attend Foundry?

Anyone with two years or more of experience as a working photojournalist may apply. Applicants from the majority world and underrepresented communities in G20 countries will be prioritized. Clicking the button will take you to Awardforce; please register and then select Foundry 2021 as the category. You may save your application and edit it over several sessions.

DEADLINE: October 20, 2021

Key Dates

November 7 to December 9: Three online sessions comprising of two small group classes (no more than 6 students per class) and a one-on-one meeting with the teacher. 

December 10-12: Foundry Photojournalism Workshop online. All participants, tutors, and guest lecturers will meet over three days to celebrate and learn!


This year, classes will be offered in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, and Spanish. We welcome tutors Ali Arkady, Eric Bouvet, Michael Robinson Chavez, Vanessa CharlotManoocher Deghati, Ziyah Gafic, Mary Gelman, Nichole Sobecki, Maggie Steber, and Adriana Zehbruskas.