Astrid Roussel-Olive

Astrid ROUSSEL-OLIVE is a French Attorney-at-Law. After a “Licence” from the University of Paris II Assas, a “Maitrise en Droit” (French JD) from the University Paris I Sorbonne, and a “DESS” (French Master degree) in Civil, Employment and Healthcare Law, from the University of Paris I Sorbonne and Paris XII Sceaux, she passed the Bar of Toulouse, France. She completed her 2 years training cycle as an Attorney, and opened her own Law Practice in 1995. Besides her regular activity as an Attorney in Civil and Employment Law, she has been advising a growing clientele of French and American Non-for-Profit Organizations, acting especially in International Higher Education, Culture and Healthcare Development. She spent overall 7 years in the US and 1 in UK between 1996 and 2015. She provides legal advices, assistance on project management, consultations, defence and litigations. She also teaches seminars of continuing education for Non-for-Profit Organizations, Companies, and various other entities, such as a school of Journalism, Nursing School, Hospitals, and Study Abroad Programs.